Quality System & Policy

Being a customer oriented company; we procure only best quality products. We acquire these products from established vendors, who quality test the products in their premises. Moreover, we inspect and certify every product which is sourced and supplied. We have also collaborated with Government approved laboratories to conduct various tests, which conform to international standards and are specifically performed according to client’s request:

  • Dye Penetrant testing
  • Radiographic examination on welded pipes.
  • Chemical analysis
  • Destructive Mechanical Testing
  • Ultrasonic Testing - Magnetic Particle inspection
  • Leakage Test
  • PMI Test
  • Hydraulic testing

Our clients can also obtain mechanical works as per ANSI B16.25; like beveling on pipes. Cuts and tape bore is performed with acute precision.

Furthermore, we adopt stringent quality measures at all stages to ascertain that the product that reaches our clients and is par with all standards.