Hydro-Testing Facility

Hyro Testing Facility at Bharat Enterprises

We have newly set up a modernized and computerized Hydro-testing facility at our Kalamboli Workshop to meet the Hydro-testing requirement of our esteemed customer.


The company activities focus on the Hydro-Testing of pipes and tubes ranging from sizes 1/2" to 24" with a length of Pipe from 3 meters to 12.5 meters upto a test pressure of 5000 psi. Testing is carried out as per latest Test Code SA 530/SA-530M, SA999/SA-999M & API. Our daily capacity to carry out Testing of one particular size approx. 50 to 300 nos. pipes depending upon size and length.


Multiple Sealing device options for a variety of applications: Face Sealing, OD Sealing, ID sealing etc.

End Condition

Designs can accommodate Plain End, Bevelled Ends and Threaded Ends etc.


  • Automatic testing of a complete range of pipe as per National and International Standard
  • Automated Pressure Settings
  • Computerized Test Report with Graph
  • Online test witness.

Pressure Control

  • Test with pressure upto 5000 psi
  • Test hold time can be easily varied to specific standards to which the pipe is being tested


  • Self-contained water filtration system to control the water for trouble-free operation;
  • Internal crane mechanism improves servicing of the system
  • Fast & accurate test pressure build times
  • Data can be transmitted through the PLC control.


  • Fully enclosed test hood provides increased protection.
  • Bulletproof windows for operator safety

Our expertise Provides

  • Accurate and practical interpretation of our client’s requirements
  • Experience to foresee and overcome potential difficulties
  • Co-ordination of a wide variety of skills in the one place
  • Providing the safest, most efficient, most reliable, cost effective and technologically advanced Hydro-testing service with timely delivery.
Hydro-Testing of pipes
Hydro-Testing of Tubes